Before being a boutique, a brand of women's shoes and an eCommerce, Bisù was born as an idea. Indeed, as a solution.

For years, first as friends and then as partners, we had been discussing a problem to which neither of us had yet been able to find a solution.
"But why are beautiful shoes always uncomfortable? " asked one.
"And why are comfortable shoes never the best aesthetically?!"
answered the other.

This is how our adventure began. First, we went in search of the few exceptions to this unwritten rule, to which most women's footwear brands seemed to be subject. The task was anything but easy: only very few brands were able to satisfy our idea of finding aesthetics and comfort in the same shoe. Attention, not to find a compromise between beauty and comfort... but to find both values, expressed at their maximum. We have carefully selected those very few FOOTWEAR BRANDS and their most popular models. And we thought that the same criterion could also be applied to bags.

After weeks and months of research, we had made it. We stopped for a moment, to look at the fruit of our work: it was worth it, it was a really good selection. Then we looked at each other, we didn't need to say anything, we could read it in each other's eyes. We were still not completely satisfied. So, we decided to create the perfect shoe ourselves. A shoe of superior quality and entirely Made in Italy, with materials and leathers of the highest quality and up-to-date lines, cool and comfortable, comfortable and beautiful.

We looked for a shoe factory that was up to the challenge and we found it: a true excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship. We talked to stylists, designers and master craftsmen, explaining to each of them exactly what we wanted to create. Our enthusiasm was obviously contagious because in supporting us they really gave their best.
This is how the collection of Bisù shoes.
This is how our boutique in Via Canonica 74 in Milan was born.
And this is how the website you are visiting was born.

Welcome to our world.